Technology is my passion. Content is my specialty. Delivering true customer value is my inspiration.



thanks for visiting my website and taking an interest in the work that I do. My name is Gordana Stok. I am a B2B content marketing and certified buyer persona consultant, and the founder of Content Bridge.

During my career I’ve had the privilege to work with many innovative technology companies – both as a full-time manager and independent consultant.

My focus has always been on producing powerful messaging strategies and persuasive content targeted at B2B buyers, C-level executives, end-users and other stakeholders across a variety of industries. This includes information technology, financial services, government, education, pharmaceuticals and recruitment.

I’m especially inspired by delivering exceptional value as customers move through the pre-buying, buying and post-buying process, and telling powerful customer stories that create an emotional connection and motivate people to take action.

If you’re a corporate brand or marketing agency and that sounds like something you need help with or are interested in discussing, I’d love to hear from you.

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