8 Powerful Ways to Use Buyer Personas to Build Your Content Arsenal

Insights to action! This e-book explains how buyer personas created using the 5 Rings of Buying Insight methodology can be used to to support your B2B marketing strategy and sales enablement and generate a wide range of content.


Why Supporting the Customer Buying Journey in Your Content Marketing Isn’t Enough

For years, B2B vendors have relied on solution sales and marketing tactics to get ahead of the RFP and influence the criteria buyers use to evaluate and select a solution. Today, that’s not enough. With 60% of the buying decision being made without ever consulting with a sales representative, solution providers must engage with buyers much earlier on in the process – even before there is an identified need. According to a comprehensive Corporate Executive Board study, top performing sales professionals target organizations that have an emerging need or are in a state of flux. They then provide buyers with provocative insights on what they should do and coach them on how to buy.